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ʻO $ 395 NO DEPOSIT Hoʻololi: E 16, 2011 Author: ʻO Dudley Koopman
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  • ʻO Gregg Matthew
    ʻO Gregg Matthew

    ʻO ke kauwela o kāu Pōʻalima

  • ʻO Jens Whitlatch
    ʻO Jens Whitlatch

    ATTENTION MEMBERS: I had originally asked if anyone was interested in resuming our old side game of FIRST and asked for suggestions. I got a few good ideas from our friend Xeraphyna but would appreciate some more. So far we have for members, myself, @xeraphyna, @annekew and @dhan but there are many, many members so I&’m asking again. The original message was: ATTENTION MEMBERS: I’m taking a vote/survey to see if anyone is interested in resuming our side game “First Train” and wanted some input. If interested please respond to THIS THREAD. This is the one I’ll be checking. For the new members who have no idea what I’m talking about, the rules are simple. Be the FIRST to respond to a thread, but it will be a slight change, no ONE WORD responses like THANKS. THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL. Prizes are NON MONATARY, nā meaʻai or gifs only but the fun is real. I just want to see if some of our old Trainsters are interested and if we can get some new blood. You have to be quick and check the site often cause you never know when a new codes pops up.The prize is still the same but the game will change according to the suggestions I receive. If interested or have any suggestions for a new side game feel free to give your input. Thanks

  • ʻO Ricki Edgell
    ʻO Ricki Edgell

    Mahalo no ka hoʻolaha i ka lono!